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Outgrown your home?

Or are you still happy there?

Have your home requirements changed or have you simply outgrown your home?

Take the time to do some soul searching to work out if your home requirements have changed.

In other words, what are your priorities?

The best way to find these answers is to sit down and make a list. Write down as many things that come to mind as possible.

You might love your backyard and garden, but they’re no longer manageable for you, they’re too big for you to look after now or not big enough.

There are too many bedrooms to clean – you’d rather just have two or three.

When you’re making this list, remember what it was about your home that first attracted you to it, chances are these things are what will attract the new buyer too.

Maybe it’s the park next door, the school down the road, the location of the shops or the peace and tranquillity of your home.

Some of the best things about your property such as how quiet it is and no afternoon sun in the bedrooms will still be important to you at your new place too. Make sure to take a note of those property aspects for when you get ready to look at properties to purchase.

When making the decision to sell you need to ensure you’re making the change for the right reasons and ensuring your new home meets your needs now and into the foreseeable future. Everything has a season, even your home that once was perfect for your needs. If you've outgrown your home contact me to find the best way forward for you.

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