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Licensed Real Estate Agent & REIQ Member


Real Estate is my passion and the satisfaction of getting great results for Sellers, whilst also having happy Buyers, is the goal. People always ask 'how do I sell my home?' The answer is to make sure you choose an agent that you know, like, and trust to have your best interests at heart. It's extremely important to me morally to ensure that Sellers actually want to sell, they aren't being pressured, and that they understand the process fully before committing to a listing agreement or contract of sale. I am a licensed real estate agent, belong to Real Estate Institute of Queensland, which has mandatory annual CPD training, as well as holding a bachelor of business double major degree. You need to trust that your agent has the negotiation skills necessary to work for you rather than the buyer. Houses, and the people who live in them, keep me focused on what's important, helping people make the right decisions for them with their property goals at their specific stage in life.


Sellers often worry about getting the best 'deal' for commission. But did you know that a difference of $500 in commission to an agent can mean a $20,000 difference to you as a Seller! That's huge for you but not so much for the agent. I make sure I'm getting the most I possibly can for your home. $20,000 is a massive gain to a Seller. It's important to know that your agent has the skills and qualifications to be in charge of this process. I take the time to ensure my clients are completely onboard and comprehend each step of the journey. I want what my Sellers want, to get the most money for their property. The more I get for my clients, the more property values go up in the area as a whole.

​Every person has their own style just like every home has a personality! It's how we make your home appeal to more Buyers that is the difference. With Remax systems and processes we'll work together to get the best deal possible for you. It’s about helping home owners get to their next property stage with more dollars in their pocket at the end of the sale. It is important to her, that as a Seller, you don’t feel pressured, and that you understand the process fully before committing to a listing agreement or contract of sale. The choice is yours when it comes to signing on the dotted line, even if the contract to sell has everything in it that you originally thought you wanted, the decision to sign, or not to sign, is still yours.

I love nothing more than helping people through their property journey to their next chapter. My real estate journey started after years of buying, renovating, and selling our own properties. For several years I worked for an established, well known brand and in 2023 I have moved to work directly with a large trusted real estate brand being Remax Bayside Properties. This move allows me to focus more on my clients requirements knowing that our administration office staff are there to keep operations running smoothly. Having my team behind me allows me to have the time to provide a service to my clients as individuals rather than numbers to an end game.


Selling houses in Redlands allows me to combine my years of experience, in an enjoyable field, whilst utilising my Bachelor of Business degree knowledge. I am a New Zealander by birth but now call Australia home as a Citizen after living here in Redlands for many years. Growing up in Papua New Guinea and having travelled extensively throughout the world helps me communicate with people from all cultures and walks of life.


Immediate communication is now an expectation and we are available 7 days a week to help you achieve your property goals, stepping in to smooth the transition, with the backing of our Remax Bayside team. I'm based out of our main office at Remax Bayside Cleveland but live in Alexandra Hills. I service all of Redlands and surrounding suburbs. 

Jodie Brooks is an agent that will listen to your requirements, answer her phone, to not only you, but also your buyers, provides a high level of customer service, has attention to detail and most importantly, she gets great results that you’re happy to go to contract on. She is passionate about the ensuring you are provided with the best possible service whether you’re selling now or just want a chat about where to start.  


Aiming to Please

I'm committed to building and maintaining relationships with people who have bought and sold through me in the past. Below are a few testimonials from those I’ve helped. Take a look!

Working with Jodie was smooth from the very beginning. Not only was she responsive, helpful, and informative through each step of the purchasing process, she included us both in all conversations and made sure the details of each transaction and step were clear before moving ahead. Jodie was patient and accommodating while clearly representing her client's needs, and our experience with her has been one of the best we've ever had with a real estate agent.
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Andrew & Chie

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What I Can Do For You

I have a range of services to make the Buying and Selling process as straightforward as possible.
Gone are the days where you as a client had to come to our offices. Whilst based out of our Remax Alexandra Hills office, I come to you wherever your property is in the Redlands or throughout surrounding suburbs, at a time convenient to you.   

I offer a no charge Property Price Report for your home and obligation free advice.
No two Properties or Clients are the same. Each situation comes with different expectations and requirements.
My aim is to make the process seamless and enjoyable whilst getting the best price possible for the Seller. 
I offer my Sellers the choice of Open Homes, Virtual Tours or By Appointment Viewings for their properties. Not everyone is happy with lots of people trooping through their home and prefer only 'serious', 'qualified' buyers. Whilst this is definitely doable, it won't necessarily get you the best price for your property. Having open homes creates a sense of competition between the buyers which can drive the final sales price up.  Picture a new product release sale where no one is allowed to buy or get in the store till a set day and time, the doors open, everyone rushes in trying to be the first! They have a sense of urgency about them, the fear of missing out is real. That is what I want to create. The market has slowed in recent times so we need to use what tools we have to create that sense of urgency.

Real estate decisions can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s important to be able to trust that your agent is working with your best interests at heart. When it comes to anything related to selling your home, you can count on me to guide you through every step of the process.

For my property listings I prefer realistic Photos, Videos, Aerials, Floor Plans as well as 3D Virtual Walk Throughs where we can. It gets the most eyes on the property, a great price for our Sellers and enables our Buyers, both Local and Interstate, to have the best opportunity to view the property so they can make offers, without even setting foot in it! This can be adjusted according to the style of property and if necessary we can also include Virtual Styling for vacant properties. Virtual styling means digitally putting in furniture so that buyers can see what the home could look like with furniture and what type of furniture would fit in it. I want you to have the best opportunity possible to get the top market price and a styled home, whether styled in reality or virtually, creates an emotional feel about a property. 
Buyers will have more confidence and be able to make informed decisions with easy access to view the property virtually when they can't get there themselves in person to walk through it physically. 

Exterior of an older styled brick and wood home looking solid and inviting

Every home has personality and style just like a person does!

It's how we make your home's personality appeal to more Buyers that is the difference. With our systems and processes I'll get the best deal possible for you. The ultimate goal is achieving a great price for the Sellers with the Buyers still happy that although they've paid more than they wanted they got their prize, your home.


It’s about helping people get to their next property stage. Making a change after many years can be daunting but that’s where we step in to smooth the transition.

I'm available 7 days a week to help you achieve your property goals. I'm committed, very down-to-earth and ready to work with you!

​Working with Remax Bayside I am backed by a team of Admin and Accounting staff through our Queensland offices. I cover Redlands Coast and Surrounding Suburbs.  Whether you’re looking to Buy or Sell, moving can be one of the most stressful times of your life. My goal is to make this an enjoyable and profitable experience.

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