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Does Your Home Still Fit You?

Is your home still right for where you are in life now?

Does your home still fit you?

There comes a point in almost everyone’s life when we have to ask ourselves: Does this home still fit me? Many people get locked into certain real estate patterns: renting an apartment until they can afford a starter home, buying and selling based on market trends, living in the same house for decades. But what if none of those things are right for you anymore? If that sounds like you, keep reading. It might be time to reassess whether your home still fits you.

Consider your lifestyle

No two people live the same lifestyle, or even have the same definition of the word “lifestyle.” If you don’t know how to describe your daily routine, start there. You might find that your current home is great for someone else—just not for you. Determine how your lifestyle has changed over time, and then ask yourself if your home has changed to accommodate that change.

Revise your priorities

At different points in life, different priorities become most important to us. While you may have valued a walkable neighborhood when you were single, now that you have small children, safety might rank higher. If you’ve recently been promoted at work, you might want to upgrade from the starter home you bought decades ago. As your life phase changes, maybe it’s time to reassess whether your home still fits you.

Grow as a person

Sometimes change is as much about growing as it is about responding to outside circumstances. As you grow as a person, your priorities and needs are likely to shift, too. A change in career or a new hobby or even a significant life experience like grieving or caring for an ill family member can cause us to shift as people.

Is it time for an upgrade?

If you’ve been thinking about moving for a while, you might be feeling frustrated by the housing market. You might be thinking that you’ll never be able to afford a bigger or better home. That may be true. But even if you can’t afford a different house, you can still reassess whether your current home still fits you. Maybe you’re trying for a baby and hoping to find a three-bedroom house in a good school district. Or maybe your elderly parent is moving in with you, and a low-set house with easy access would suit her needs better than your current multistory home. Or maybe you’re growing as a person and want a home that reflects the new you, even if it means moving to a higher-priced neighborhood.

Bottom line

There will come a time in almost everyone’s life when they have to ask themselves: Does this home still fit me? If you’ve reassessed your needs and priorities, and still feel like you need a different home, then get in touch. Whether you’re a single parent, a retired senior, an employed professional, or someone in between, real estate patterns are there to be broken. Don’t get trapped in a pattern that doesn’t make sense for you anymore. Instead, reassess whether your home still fits you.


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