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Examine your biggest asset

Depersonalise and take stock

If you’re thinking of selling your home, this is your chance to examine your biggest asset.

The first step to getting ready to sell your home is to have a look around. One of the most important parts of selling your house is getting rid of excess clutter.

Depersonalise the home. Pack up items such as trophies, family photos, craft and hobby items along with any other items that you have lying around your house that aren’t essential for the next three months.

Your excess items that you’re not keeping can be sold or donated. You want everything ready to go. You may need to be a bit ruthless when you examine your biggest asset. Try and keep your emotions out of it. Treat it like a business deal. Make sure that you’re getting top dollar for everything that you can sell. This includes your excess furniture, appliances, and artwork.

Once it's cleared up you'll be able to see what parts of your 'asset' clearly need attention prior to sellling. As your agent I can work with you during the whole process to guide you along the way so it's not overwhelming.

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