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Increase your home value

Do you ever wonder what it takes to make your home really stand out from the crowd?

Or how to make your abode feel like a home rather than just a place to stay?If you’re anything like me, the answer is probably a resounding yes! In this blog, you will learn some useful tips on how to make your home feel like a home. Keep reading to know what factors add value to your home.


1. Good Street Appeal can increase your home value

This is arguably the most important step you can take to make your home more valued. If your home doesn’t look appealing, you might as well just tag it as a rental. This means that your home won’t be as valued as a family home. Moreover, if your home has bad street appeal, potential buyers don’t have any reason to enter or tour your house. It’s a lose-lose situation for the sellers and buyers.

You can enhance your home’s street appeal by doing the following:

- Keep the lawn trimmed and mowed

- Clean up the front yard and trim the bushes

- Fix broken or loose windows and doors

- Paint the house’s exterior and trim

- Install good quality locks and weather-stripping

Built in cabinetry

2. Built in Cabinetry

Traditional built-in cabinetry can make your home appear more sophisticated and expensive. It makes your home look like more care was taken in the planning and construction of it. Think built in butlers pantries and custom robes.

Home automation

3. Home Automation (A Smart Home)

This is another big factor to make your home more valued. It’s not just about making your home look more appealing, but also making it more functional. These systems can be used to control lights, security cameras, and music. You can also use these systems to make your house look more valuable, such as turning off all the lights when it’s night, dimming the lights when no one is home, and turning off the AC when it’s not needed. Home automation can also be used to help with your home security. You can even create an automation that triggers the security system if someone opens the front door.

4. Improved Lighting

Lighting can make or break your home. Overly bright can make it appear too clinical but not enough light can make it appear old, dingy and unloved. Placing lighting fixtures in hallways and entryways helps to create a welcoming mood. This can make your home feel more like a home and less like a dorm room or a prison cell. It's great to have 'pretty' lights but it's important to have concealed lighting such as LEDs that provide quality light to actually see what you're doing, especially in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

5. Add a Media Room

Having a media room in your home can really set it apart from other comparable homes. This can be useful if you have kids who love watching movies or playing video games. A media room can be multipurpose, you can use the media room as a storage space for your old electronics, as a games room or just a chill out space for the whole family. You can place sofas and recliners to create a comfortable vibe.

Smart security system

6. Home Security System

This is another big factor that can make your home more valuable. The best way to improve your home security is by installing a home automation system. This can be used for security purposes, such as triggering the alarm if someone opens the front door. You can turn on the lights from your mobile phone even when you're away. By mounting cameras on the front of the house it can put off would be burglars as well as allowing you to speak to people who ring your door bell.

Bathroom luxury

7. Multiple Bathrooms

Having multiple bathrooms definitely adds value and is such a convenience to a family, especially with teenagers or those who like to treat the toilet as their own library. Blended families are becomming more common as are multiple families living in the one home. Having multiple bathrooms can becomes a deal breaker.

Remember, your home is your biggest asset, so it’s important to do everything you can to increase your home value to potential buyers.

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