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What Colour Is Your Front Door?

Your door colour choice tells outsiders a lot about you and your home.

If you’re interested to see what the different colours mean, read on.

What colour is your front door?
Red front doors were traditionally noted as a welcoming colour in America, it was a welcoming sign to travellers that they were welcome to spend the night in a safe place. In Scotland a red front door used to symbolise the owners had paid off their mortgage. In Feng Shui principles, a red front door is considered good luck, good fortune, and protection.

Dark Grey, blue, brown, or burgundy – Sophisticated and timeless. Classic colours that you can’t go too far wrong with. They are a ‘safe’, neutral alternative. Whilst it’s not going to offend anyone, it’s also not going to excite anyone either.

Black front doors can be used to create a statement feature, it also indicates to the world that you see yourself, along with your home, as having power and strength. In Feng Shui principles, a black front door symbolizes money and wealth. On the downside, a dark front door gives the illusion of being smaller so people may perceive your home to be smaller than it is.

White or light Lighter colours tend to be more inviting, however, a pale grey or cream front door can indicate compromise whereas a white front door symbolises cleanliness, organisation, and calmness. Lighter colours also can trick the eye into making you feel the door is bigger than it is.

Purple tells the world you’re a risk taker, open minded and spiritual, but who doesn’t love bright purple, I know I do.

Orange is all about feeling good. It’s a vibrant colour that evokes excitement.

Green shades vary, like most colours, on whether they’re bold or calming. They relate to an earthy, calmness when muted or exciting like orange when bold and bright.

Whatever colour you choose for your front door make sure that when you put your house on the market you think about how other people will feel walking through it or driving past. Minimising buyer objections when selling is what’s it’s all about so it’s always best to stick to the classics. Generally, if the exterior of the home is dark then choose a lighter colour for the door and a darker door if the home is lighter. Don't forget to consider your surroundings before settling on a colour. In my case, although I would love a purple, or lime green, front door it would clash badly with the tan colour brick of the home and the sage green roof. But, while you’re living in your home why not splash a bit of colour around to make you feel good! At the end of the day, it’s all about what statement you want to make with your front door and remember it’s only a door, you can always change the colour without too much fuss.

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